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From the Founder of WeConcile – Using My Writing for Relationship Help

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 10:07 am

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Self Help and Relationship Help

My name is Jennifer Lehr, LMFT and I am the founder of WeConcile.

I regularly share my experience and story, my knowledge, my struggles, and my vulnerabilities in my writing. I also share my expertise.

I had a crippling beginning both emotionally, and relationally. Luckily for me, life conspired to create painful disasters that got my attention. I’m here to let you know that you can start at the bottom and get to the top. It is only a matter of focus and persistence.

Reading other people’s stories can help us gain clarity and normalize what we are going through.

Reading expertise about growth and relationships can also educate you and help you make the changes you need to have a beautiful life and relationship.

I have 2 blogs to help you with your relationships and self-growth, and I write on regularly. I also have articles published in a variety of places.

You can find links to my articles and other blogs under Founder at

You can read a longer version of my story here: When the Journey is Abundance.

For personal writing, I suggest you check out Jennifer’s Blog.

For relationship issues and issues of self growth, you are in the right place – WeConcile’s Blog.

My favorite piece of writing I have done recently is “My Teachers, The Trees.” You can find it here.

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