The WeConcile® App For Relationships Is Out!!

The WeConcile® App For Relationships Is Out!!

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 02:00 pm

The WeConcile® App for Relationships Is Out!!

As time unfurls and complexity and chaos seem to increase, we hold onto our hearts, ourselves, our relationships, and our purposes. To thrive we must find our center, and unravel ways of being that do not nourish us. We must look inside, and rebuild aspects of ourselves and our relationships. Education, therapy, yoga, meditation, and kindhearted living. There are many paths. The WeConcile relationship app is one.

A Tool for Living on Demand

The WeConcile relationship app is a tool for living. You can immediately change your focus, and calm your swirling mind or your intense emotions. You can engage your thinking brain and gain new skills. You can learn and evaluate what needs to change and how to do it. Imagine a world of relational learning and tools at your fingertips. Imagine access to the science of love and information that the greatest minds in psychology have discovered and made available.

  • Nourishing Nuggets to get you centered
  • Lessons to help you gain more understanding
  • Stories to illustrate
  • Exercises that ask you to look more deeply
  • Assessments to help you evaluate
  • Points to show your engagement
  • And More

All are designed to help you find your center, communicate more clearly, and reconnect with those you love. All are designed to help you transition from where you are, to a world with more clarity and more connection. With each step you take, you are on the journey to a better and better relationship and a better and better you.

What Does The WeConcile App for Relationships Look Like?

Simple and easy to navigate, you’ll see yourself and your partner (if you choose to work with one). You’ll see overall points for engagement for yourself and your partner. And points showing where you have been focused.

  • Get Help is available for immediate help.
  • Explore is available for longer-term learning
  • We Island and Journal are available to connect more directly with your partner
  • Journal also allows you to keep track of your thoughts and feelings.
  • How Are We Doing is an assessment across many areas, so you can track your improvements over time.
screenshot of homepage of weconcile, best relationship app
screenshot of the homepage of WeConcile, the best relationship app

Get Help

Get Help is set up to help you NOW, when you are upset, in a fight, or don’t know which way to turn.  After a few questions to get you in the right place, you first choose what you need.

screenshot of calming words of weconcile, best relationship app
screenshot of calming words of WeConcile, the best relationship app

As you begin to settle, you may be ready to communicate.

Journal and Communication

The Journal allows you to get your thoughts together. First, you answer a few questions, free write if you wish and then you are guided through an optional communication process. At the end of it, you will have a communication ready to send to your partner if you wish.


Screenshop depicting best relationship app
WeConcile, communication, best relationship app



Explore gives you access to an extensive learning library, with a ton of topics. Unlike the older desktop version of WeConcile, where your learning followed a linear path, you now get to choose which topics you want to explore in the order you wish to explore them. There are over 160 topics and subtopics.


screenshot showing topics of weconcile, best relationship app

We Island


We Island is where you can read positive statements from your partner and post your own. Imagine you are in a conflict and how helpful it will be when you look at We Island and see that yes, your partner appreciates you, has thanked you, and has let you know the actions you have taken that were most helpful for them. Imagine how helpful it will be to have the perspective that the struggle you are in is temporary. That there is love and there have been good times, even if at the moment they are overshadowed. Imagine building on what is good, instead of getting caught in difficult misunderstandings.


Screen shot depicting weconcile best relationship app
WeConcile, the best relationship app


You will be able to remind yourself to send positive thoughts to your partner and much more. You have control over what you want to do, and how and when you want to do it.

You’ll see when your partner sent you a message and you can send your own.


screenshot of notifications of weconcile, best relationship app


Shortly After Launch

Of course, there is a lot more. Shortly after launch, we are adding a community, meditations, more assessments, and continued topic additions.


 Pricing is $13.99/per person +1/month (your partner is on us.)

Our New World

We hope you will join us and allow WeConcile to smooth out your relationship and your life.

Help us make the world a more loving and less conflict-filled place.


Give it a try!  30 days free on the premium version for a limited time.


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