Overcoming challenges

Overcoming Challenges

Last updated on November 5th, 2023 at 10:51 am

Adversity Can Be An Opportunity

I was in a session the other day when my client, who had been struggling with some challenges, said that he was taught that things had to be easy to be okay. I found myself responding…it is a privilege to struggle and have the opportunity to find out who we are and what we are made of. Overcoming challenges is part of living.

When life is easy, we can enjoy ourselves, which is wonderful. But what about when life is not so easy? What about when we are up against challenges that really scare or overwhelm us?

It seems it would be great if our lives were always easy and happy rather than challenging. But if we can only feel happiness when we are in the right situations or conditions, born into the right family or the right socio-economic group, we are trapped by the external. Adversity allows us the opportunity to find out what we are capable of, to access aspects of ourselves that we did not know existed, inner resources we didn’t know we had, and to develop our strengths.

Adversity can teach us that we have the ability to rise beyond our environment that we are powerful beings who co-create our lives. This knowing brings not only inner strength and self-empowerment but also, ultimately, wisdom. Instead of being victim to circumstances that shift and change throughout the years, we can choose to know that no matter where we find ourselves, we have the ability to grapple with both the external situation and our attitude about it. Like a small leaf being carried down a river, we can accept that we will move through different times and challenges. Rather than judging ourselves for what life hands us, we can trust that if life doesn’t dump us on pleasant shores, we will find a way to create what we desire, whether in attitude or actual circumstances.

Look at a difficult situation in your life right now. Are you using it to develop your strengths and compassion for yourself, or are you telling yourself that you are bad or that life isn’t fair?

Of course, this is not always true. There are plenty of situations where our opportunities are so minimal that the dreams of our youth fade away, and we may become bitter. Despite this, despite even situations that deny us fulfillment, we may need to look at what we can do with what we are given.

Like Psyche, a goddess in Greek mythology, who, despite tremendous obstacles, persisted in nearly impossible tasks and, in the process of overcoming challenges, made her soul complete, we can do the same. By owning our capacities and developing them, we create our lives and world. We come to find out who we are. The events of our lives do not have to be easy to be okay.

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